Friday, July 19, 2013

Messiest Classroom CONTEST!

Maybe you cleaned up and cleaned out your classroom at the end of this last school year; maybe you didn't!

But if you think you have the messiest classroom and could really use a professional organizer to come clean it up and organize it for the best school year ever, enter our contest today!

Post a photo of your classroom on our Facebook page and in 50 words or less tell us why you deserve a professional organizer to help make this your best school year ever.

Let us know the school, district, and city your school is in, your name, and the subject/grade you teach.

Deadline to enter is August 5 with the winner announced on August 10.

Get ready, get set, get organized!

Shelf Help offers discounted services to teachers and sponsors this contest. One full day of organizing services (a $350 value) goes to the winner.

Contest available in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Denver, and Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Organized to Sell - Are YOU Ready?

You’ve heard it many times. If you want to sell your house, you need to clear out the clutter. Sounds good, but just how do you do that? First, stop buying stuff! Groceries (yes, I know you need to eat, but 14 boxes of cereal?), knick-knacks, etc. These just make the job harder and may indicate that you’re just not ready to take charge of your stuff and your life.

Ok, so where do you start? Well, I like to survey each room quickly to see what we’re up against. What I look for are things that are not in the right room, things that are overflowing, things that are piled on top of other things. This is a great place to start your first phase: put things where they should really go.

Food supplies: into the kitchen.
Clothes: back to the users’ room or the laundry.

You get the point.

Now I know what you’re thinking,"There is no room in the kitchen or the bedroom. That’s how I got into this mess in the first place!" Don’t worry. At this point we’re trying to see what you actually have. You won’t stop buying groceries if every time you come home from the store you stash the overflow in the garage, hall closet or laundry room. Getting it all back into the kitchen will help you see what you have too much of or you have things that you’re not using.

Wow! Bet you didn’t think you had so much, huh? Eat! Donate! Invite the neighbors over for a cookout!

You get the idea. It’s time to get started!

Are you ready?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Choosing a Great Chair

This is my wife's favorite office chair. The "Leap" by Steelcase has everything she needs.

Then again, my favorite chair at this point is the "Think" chair, also by Steelcase. Both of these chairs can be a little pricey but you can look at that a couple ways.

Many of us have bought cheap chairs from the local office supply chain based on a two minute sit (if that long) and home it went. Most of us find that after a little while that new chair isn't as comfortable as we thought. A year or two later, out it goes and we start the search all over again.

The other option is to find a great chair, pay a fair price and keep it for 10-15 years, happy with it the whole time. To put this in perspective, if you spend $750 for a chair and keep it 10 years, that's $1.45 a week for a great sit!

Think about it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Personal Chair

Some of you have commented about my blog on the cost of a great chair and if there are some out there for less than $700 to $800? Of course there are and many are half that price. I personally sit in a chair that sells for around $350 depending on which fabric and mechanism choices you make. It's the Allseating Inertia mesh chair and it's the best alternative to the more expensive chairs that I've found. When it came to spending my own money, it's the one I chose and I've sat in (and sold) a lot of different and more expensive chairs during my sales career.